The Sunday Service for the Children

It leads to the reverence of the divine as the spiritual foundation of all kingdoms of nature and human beings, and guides the children to experience the whole of creation in its spiritual-divi- ne context.

It further leads the hearts of the children to Christ, who is the teacher of the all-embracing love for them, strengthening thewill to learn, in order to be able to find with growing understan- ding the spirit of the world.

Communal prayer, intercessory blessing, and the reading of the Gospel and the singing of a song, belong to the Sunday Service for the children.

It is meant for children between the age of 7-14. A regular rhythm of participation can be a vital strengthening and help for the child.

At Christmas, the children experience a Christmas Service that is held only once a year and is of a different character and wor- ding; the specific quality of which can last for the whole year.