The Priest Ordination

As mentioned above, since the founding of The Christian Com- munity in 1922 also women can receive this sacrament which was a first in the history of Christianity. Since then, female priests have been in the service of the renewed sacraments at the altar.

The ordination takes place within The Act of Consecration of Man and emanates from the immediate presence of Christ.

It conveys to the individual the possibility and the mission to
• perform all the sacraments and to serve Christ,
• to preach and proclaim the gospel,
• accompany and help people in their search for the right path.

The priests have freedom in their teaching and are not bound by any given dogmas. The teaching however may not be in con- tradiction to the sacraments.

The reality of the ordination remains connected to the human being for life.

The education and preparation for the consecration takes place at Seminaries over several years of training (see under Training).