At the age of 14, the child crosses the threshold from childhood to youth.

This changes the relationship of the child towards its own physicality, to the whole of his or her immediate circle of life.Strong inner conflicts and struggles accompany this time of life, for which through the Sacrament of Confirmation the helping guidance of Christ is requested. It ties in with everything, which was done and nurtured by parents, godparents and teachers, indeed by the whole human surroundings, in the Christian sen- se, during childhood.

This includes what has grown in the child himself, through attending the Service for Children, individual prayers, and the participation in religious instruction. The Sacrament of Confirmation wants to reaffirm all of this.

On the one hand, the view is directed towards what has beco- me, up to this point. On the other hand, the forces of Christ are being added for the further journey of life.

With the reception of the first communion after the Confirmation Service the young person is being received into the Community of the Eucharist.

Confirmation, is not yet a decision to become a member of The Christian Community.

From Confirmation on, the young person is called upon to con- tinue and shape his or her further religious path on their own.

The Confirmation Class gives for this an orientation. In addition, the young people are now free to actively participate in the Act of Consecration of Man.