Sacrament of Consultation

The 'Sacrament of Consultation' is a means for strengthening the inner being, through which the individual can learn to see his own actions, his destiny, his strengths and weaknesses in a higher light and meaning. For this the objective gaze on what has become is essential and the openness for the future to work out something new and balancing.

The will, as a seeking Christian, to constantly learn and aspire in the school of life, is being strengthened through this sacrament. It opens the door in the individual to his or her love of the divi- ne, for fellow human beings and towards all creatures.

The first part unfolds in conversation.

The listening priest is a counsellor and helper, without judge- mental thinking. He or she keeps all that is said, confidential.

In the second part, the wording of the sacrament is spoken.

A rhythmic repetition and continuation of the sacrament in free- ly agreed intervals can be a life enhancing help.