With baptism in The Christian Community, the child becomes a member of the worldwide community of Christians. It does not make the child a member of The Christian Community, nor does confirmation. Membership is reserved for the free deci- sion of the adult.

Through the sacramental life in a congregation of The Chris- tian Community and getting to know the Act of Consecration
as a spiritual home as it were, the decision can grow to join the congregation as a member. Personal conversations with a priest accompany this. The free decision, after careful examination, is the best prerequisite for this responsible commitment. Belon- ging to the church has an individual personal side: the indivi- dual becomes a member of the living spiritual body of Christ.

Through the life with the Lord's Prayer and the Sacrament of Consultation, man gains that attitude of life and strength which makes him the bearer and co-executor of the sevenfold sacra- mental organism.

Whoever becomes a member of The Christian Community deci- des to be co-responsible in the realisation of its spiritual mission and to help the human relationships unfold in the sense of a li- ved Christianity. In this way he strengthens the forces of Christ's working in the world.